Wheel Chair Accessible Bathtubs

Senior Bathroom Makeover will provide for a Full bathroom evaluations & disability access modifications

Senior Bathroom Makeover understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to accessible bathtubs. Unfortunately, many other companies fail to offer a wheelchair accessible bathtub with an outward swinging door for side access. Inward swinging doors work well for folks with limited mobility or balance issues, but for our customers that regularly use wheelchairs in their home, it is critical to have an outward swinging door for easy access. We are proud to provide this perfect solution with the outward swinging door specifically for you. All tubs come with a Lifetime Warranty so you can be confident the bathtubs are built with the highest quality craftsmanship. Enjoy No Step Access, simple transfer from your wheelchair, a 17″ high ADA compliant seat, and the ability to enjoy a quick sit down shower in the tub as well. For those looking for therapeutic relief from stress, arthritis, back, knee, hip, or leg pain, please ask about our hydrotherapy solutions that combine dual air and water jets to sooth aching muscles and other challenging physical conditions.

Don’t forget – during our evaluation of your bathroom, we will also audit the safety of your entire bathroom space. We do not overlook important safety precautions that are separate from the bathtub itself, like ADA compliant toilets, non slip surface applications, and installed grab rails placed specifically where you need them most. Our goal to make your bathroom a safe and healthy place for years to come.

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